Digital Marketing

Marketing nowadays is passing through a lot of changes, especially on the digital media. To be on the web by letting your internet communication in Confraria’s hands it’s the best decision you can do in order to gain relevance and to be a reference in your market.

Tribuna de Jaguariúna

Tribuna de Jaguariúna newspaper was created in 2012, as a tabloid. On next year’s January, its format was redesigned, also changing the graphic project. All the modifications was in charge of Confraria da Comunicação, using as references national and international publications. In addition, the homepage of Tribuna de Jaguariúna was designed by our team as well, in a Project known by its beauty and funcionality.

We also start a digital marketing campaign aiming at strengthening the newspaper in social media, by the creation of a fanpage on Facebook, and by developing a series of actions which created engagement and raised the number of shares and positive comments on every post even in the very first week of its creation.

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