Your event’s success begins long before the applauses and can both introduce your brand to a new Market or reinforce the positioning of one or more brands simultaneously.

Confraria’s strategy on making public, cultural and business events begins since the planning until the spontaneous media generation, with strong speciality on government incentives, such as PROAC and the Rouanet Law.

Ouro Verde Farm’s Cavalcade

Held in Amparo, SP, the event brings together breeders, users and lovers of one of the most beloved equine races in Brazil: the Mangalarga Marchador. All the organization, as well as the route and all visual communication were signed by Confraria.

On each edition, more and more public is coming to participate, creating and strong event, which assembles all the families on its entirety, from the youngest to the elderlies.

Cavalgada Fazenda Ouro Verde

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