See the agribusiness is the bigger Brazilian production segment do ourself to remenber its commercial importance and, as principal responsible for the export volume, its role as the foundation of the Brazilian economy is strengthened. We fight everyday to show this value, and not only because we leave for the agribusiness, but mainly we have to love for it and for those we do.

34ª Campolina’s National Week

The Marcher Campolina’s National Week is the most important event for the brazilian equine race and occurs every year in Minas Gerais state, cradle of the Campolina horse. From its 33th to the 35th edition, the propaganda material was developed by Confraria, as well as the organization of the most recent edition. Confraria also helped with the efforts made by the Campolina Breeders Association

(ABCCCAmpolina) in order to expand the race territories and raise the passion for the Campolina Horse, by highlighting the animal’s qualities and differentials, such as docility, magnificence and beauty. The results couldn’t be any better: the number of breeders grew, as well as the subscription and exposition of animals and the frequency of visitors on the event, quoted as one of the better in ten years, on its 33th edition.

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